Pac-Man Arcade Pin Badge Set

  • Official Bandai Namco product
  • Set includes 9 high quality metal pin badges with glossy polished finish
  • Packaged in a realistic arcade cabinet presentation box with arcade machine artwork
  • Box is designed with retro Pac-Man logo and game characters
  • Pin Measurements: Height – 2.6cm (1.02in), Width – 2.6cm (1.02in)

This realistic, colourful and eye-catching arcade machine is exploding with Pac-Man adventure as we’ve placed 9 high quality metal pins inside to celebrate the retro nostalgia of the gaming icon we all know and love. You’ll be happy to see Inky, Pinky, Blinky, Clyde, and Pac-Man making an appearance as part of this official limited Pac-Man Arcade Pin Badge Set. Get it before it’s gone!