Official Fallout 76 Vault Boy Big Guns Keyring / Keychain

  • Official Bethesda product.
  • Based on the iconic Vault Boy.
  • Perfect partner for your keys.
  • Made from highly durable PVC plastic.
  • 1 of 6 designs, other designs include: BarterEnergy WeaponRepairScience and Melee.
  • Size: 50mm (1.97 inches) tall.

Show off your big guns, or this official Fallout 76 Vault Boy Big Guns 3D Keychain as you accessorise your set of keys the geeky way. Crafted to a high standard, the design of this keychain displays Vault Boy with a ‘sure of himself’ stance accompanied by a huge gun that could do some serious damage! Capturing plenty of eye-catching colours, this collectable is suitable for all Fallout fans.